The Details:

Gas Masks, Stilletos, and Designer Jeans is a fashion show put together by design students from Seattle, Washington. The show seeks to educate students and the community about the different roles fashion plays in our lives on an international, environmental, political, and personal level while raising money for charity. The purpose of this blog is to keep you updated on the planning process of this event. Keep checking back to learn the latest news!

Please contact Heather at , Caitlin at,
or Devon at with questions.

6:00pm. Doors. Music. Hors d'oeuvres. Shopping. Raffles.
7:00pm. Fashion Show.
8:00pm. Music. Hors d'oeuvres. Shopping. Raffles.
10:00pm. After Show Celebration at Ascada Bistro.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eco-Friendly Shopping at the Fashion Show!

Tarah of Urban Fashion Network is setting up a shopping extravaganza for the night of the fashion show. She is organzing a variety of vendors that sell fashion and accessories that are fair trade and respect the environment. We will post who will be here as soon as we find out!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

FGI proposal! ASSP approved!

We have been working with a member of FGI to draft a proposal to ask for a sponsorship for the fashion show. We are asking for funds to cover the cost of catering Upper Gwinn, (we have to use Campus Dining, which isn't cheap) the rental of Upper Gwinn, and a few other incidentals. Heather, Caitlin, and Devon are taking this proposal before the FGI board, May 6th. Cross your fingers and toes/pray that we will win them over with our great ideas and charming personalities!

In other news, ASSP approved our event so it is now placed on the master calendar. This also helps out with a lot of the other logistics of the event because we can use their resources, including advertising on campus.

In the works:
1.A calendar of dates for the model calls and rehearsals
2. press package to send to all the newspapers and publications in Seattle.
3. Putting together a promotions team, if you know anyone who might be interested pass on the info!

Yay for more steps to making this a reality!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Meeting April 8, 2008

FGI possible sponsor

Charity Dress for Success

-Audrey outside involvement
-Model Call
+May 1
-Model Call Back
+May 6

-May 13 & 20

Dress Rehearsal
-May 30 (Mandatory)

Hair & MUA

-Military Oppression
+Dark & Lark
+Beauty & Darkness
+Using Tom's Shoes
+Fashion Ethic
+Story Christian Girl sees the world
+Focus on cause

-Ideas from design teams

Video Presentation
-Ideas for the creator

Promotional Coverage
-F&A Magazine
-Washington State Video
By James Ritzman

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Meeting 4/1/2008

Change the date May 31st
- It is on a saturday
May events:
- Portfolio show is May 22nd

Show Details:
- Make sure to follow story line
- show garments donated first and then designers garments
- Charity - Design industry foundation fighting aids (DIFFA) and Queen Anne Helpline
- Tickets: $7 for students $10 for non-students
- Make a calendar as soon as possible
- Aiming for 10 -15 garments per theme
- Student model calls; need approval from campus first
- Team leaders:
Military: Jenna Wolverton, Laurel Goetz
- Military vest
- Flighter jacket
- Military Coat
- Military Uniforms
Culture/Religion: Katya McCurdy
- 2 indian outfits
- Kimono jacket
- Vietnamese outfit
- Sanh Laos outfit
- MOSAIC .. etc
- Mexican dress
Environment: Emily Bajema, Laurie Hendry
- Heather's two dresses
- Restore store Recycled Fashion and Art Show (borrow peices?)
- Constructive art
- Loomstate
- Fashion Ethics; Candis
Protest/Awareness: Heather Cozad
- Young Democratic
- Young Republic
- Sophia
- Red Campaign
- Historical information
- By next tuesday have fashion concept developed
- Fashion show will be featured in F & A Magazine August Issue
- Next meeting: Tuesday April 8th 2008 at the
- Goodie bags/ Grab bags - Carolyn

Primary Contacts:
Heather Cozad -
Devon Poer-
(Advising Producer)
Caitlin Stone -
(Designer Producer)

Saturday, March 22, 2008


CHARITIES: We want to partner with two charities we can donate the proceeds of the fashion show to. The local charity Queen Anne Helpline has agreed to work with us. The national fashion industry AIDS charity DIFFA is the other charity we are hoping to work with. DIFFA will be discussing their involvement in our event this week at their meeting. Check back for the latest on that. Fashion CAN make a difference in the local community and nationwide!

A VIDEO:James, a videographer has agreed to shoot a video of the fashion show. This will include a brief documentary of putting the event together as well as covering the actual event.

FGI Seattle: Theresa, a member of FGI has offered her experience and connections to help out with the show. Also, if anyone is interested in becoming a student member of FGI all you have to do is go to, then to the Seattle page then click on the "become a student member". It is super easy and looks good on a resume.

GAS MASKS: Heather's Air Force unit has offered to lend a bunch of gas masks for the opening scene of the fashion show. Imagine: Models walking down the catwalk in jeans, stilletos and gas masks, striking a fierce pose. Dramatic!